elemental reverence 

The Remembering Film Screening and Ceremonial Gathering

May 18 & 19, 2019 · Tokyo, Japan · Facilitated by Liv Mokai Wheeler


Many of those who have joined me in ceremony around the earth will likely know that when gathered with community, I love to peer beyond the surface. After all, I am guided by the Kontomble. The Kontomble have a way of illuminating that which is hidden. And being in the fullness of truth is much more important to them than being loved by the masses. I am so grateful to say that I can now see that there is a strong community building around the work with the Kontomble who not only desire to peer beyond the veil, but they themselves do so naturally. And together, we have reached a point where we can begin to click puzzle pieces into place; together we can begin to reveal a greater picture. 

The Kontomble elucidate the many ways in which we have been conditioned to believe that modernity’s status quo is as good as it’s going to get.  Many of us are indoctrinated from such a young age that we believe that we don’t actually have a choice in this.  And yet, in working with the Kontomble I have learned that we do have a choice. We most certainly have a choice. And they want to help us become liberated. They want to help us find our inherent sovereignty once more.  

Recently, I have also noticed that the word sovereignty is present for a lot of people. Why is this?  Are we collectively ready to become truly sovereign or perhaps even a little bit more sovereign?  Are we ready to take responsibility for ourselves?

And so, this is an invitation to you, dear soul, who may wish to join with others as well. This is an invitation to you who desires to come together with international community to be in dialogue about where humanity is at currently. It is an invitation to you who wishes to join in a dialogue with the beings of the earth to hear what they are trying to communicate to us. 

You carry a piece of this puzzle too. We all do.  And we’re never going to complete the picture until each of us is ready and willing to share what we know or to even share what we sense. Collectively, we activate each other. When we unite, we empower each other in a very important, much needed way.

You may ask, but why gather in Tokyo? Well, the Kontomble have spoken of the great spiritual importance of gathering in Tokyo to have this discussion. It will be illuminated as we sit together in ceremony with them.  What will the Kontomble share with us?  We don’t know. What will be shared through the panel discussion that will take place?  We will wait and see; we are showing up to listen as well as to share.

If you’ve already seen The Remembering, you’ll likely recognize some of my friends from the film honored below; I am grateful to be coming together with them in Tokyo. I am honored to be joined by our cinematographer, the very brilliant and humble Emmy Wu. I am also honored that other extraordinary souls from the film will be with us in Tokyo. And whether you’re able to come together with us in person or via our live online forum, this panel is an opportunity for you to join the conversation as well.

We will gather in May as dreamers, as creative beings, as dynamic breaths of creation. We will gather to see what is possible. And what is possible when we come together as a people in honor of Spirit? 

What is possible?

With love,

Liv Mokai Wheeler

To learn more or to join us for this gathering, please visit https://www.ancestorbridge.com/elemental-reverence.