"This past weekend, I had the honor of being part of the Elemental Reverence 精霊への畏敬 with Liv Mokai Wheeler as a translator. Everything was soooo beautiful and magical. Liv, Sylvie, Emmy, Cliff, AshEL, Natalie, Christianne, Lindsey, Aislinn… every moment, I was in awe of their authenticity and beauty. The energy and transformation that they have brought upon Japan is huge. Their presense, the Kontomble ceremony, the amazing film "The Remembering” by Emmy Wu, the beautiful shrines by Lindsey and music by AshEL ...reconnected us Japanese to our ancient ancestors, spirits of nature, and our true authentic selves. I feel that it is truely a remembering and a new beginning for all of us. With deep appreciation and respect, thank you Liv and Kontomble for bringing us all together.”

- Kae Miyazawa 

"Last weekend, I attended to the Kontomble ceremony in Tokyo, which honor Mt. Fuji, whales, and Nipsey Hussle. And I came out from the ceremony with full of love and hope in my heart. It took so long to turn my eyes back to the country that I was born and raised. At one point, I was pretty hopeless at the future of Japan and shamed being Japanese. And then I connected with my soul family, who truly willing to honor Japan and the Earth, through the ceremony. I can see the beauty of the country and its culture again. Is there anything more precious than this?

I’d like to refer Barack Obama’s tribute for my new hero, Nipsey Hussle; 'While most folks look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and see only gangs, bullets, and despair, Nipsey saw potential. He saw hope. He saw a community that, even through its flaws, taught him to always keep going. His choice to invest in that community rather than ignore it ... is a legacy worthy of celebration.’ The ceremony surly showed me the hope for our future. Thank you, Liv. And thank you for all who shared the experience together. I feel so lucky to be part of the community.”


"I stepped through a portal into another world this past weekend. It was a remembering, a return to our wild nature. Remembering that child inside, the one that roared with the wild things with an untethered Soul. The more we gather in ritual, in ceremony; the more we release, open, and expand beyond the confines of the urban jungle with all of its boxes, titles, rules, and divisiveness. We’ve been fed an illusion, and the Earth that gave rise to our bodies is paying the price. What we may not see is that what is happening around us, is also happening within us. Can we be so blind to how beautifully and intricately interwoven we really are? Can we turn our eyes in naivety and delusion to something so precious? What will it take to make humanity at large wake up and open their eyes to the Truth; open their hearts and see with the Purity of a child’s Spirit. This is my Prayer... A Return to our True Nature. I was surrounded by some amazingly powerful women this weekend. I am humbled and I am beyond grateful. Liv, you are a True Warrior; as you walk with a Legion of Ancestors and Beings to raise the consciousness with the most beautiful Heart I have ever witnessed in a human. Thank you for all you do. I lift you up; Blessings on your Journey."

- Christina


"Full of gratitude for soaking in the seeds of love & wisdom from Liv Mokai and all of the beautiful beings that brightened my spirit over the weekend. This is such deeply transformative and powerful work. There is so much medicine for the Earth, each other and weaving together community. It reminds me of seeds floating off a dandelion, carried by the wind and landing all over the world. Hope, life and new growth. Also much love & gratitude to the incredible women holding and supporting us the entire way."

- Nikki

"Left in complete awe and gratitude from all that was felt and experienced this weekend. Going to let this one continue to weave itself into every fiber and cell in my body... so for now I will just say thank you to 'the seers' who arrived and said yes to this experience.... to Liv for your devotion, all of your medicine ways... and for the fierce love that you embody and offer so generously to it All... thank you Kontomble for believing in us. Thank you Pachamama for Being with us. May our songs be sung, in all tongues, as offerings and healing for You, Pachamama, please receive these songs."

- Dusti

"Forever grateful for this weekend. It was one of the most beautiful and transformative experiences I have ever had. I am so thankful for all of the love, kindness, strength, and courage that I witnessed. I came home with an overflowing heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Mikayla

"Deep bows and gratitude for the medicine you shared with all of us and to the feminine that was rattled and awoken. I drove away in silence to listen to nature around me. With an over flowing heart, Thank you thank you thank you."

- Kristy